Norwegian citizen, born 1945. Medical school 1963-1969 in Rostock. Full-time surgery in Norwegian hospitals 1972-2012. Board-certified general surgeon (1979) and pediatric surgeon (1992). Master of Health Administration (MHA), Oslo1990. Doctoral dissertation (PhD/ on renal osteodystrophy, Oslo1992.

Professor of trauma surgery (Oslo 1992-1994), of general surgery (Oslo 1997-2002), and of maritime medicine (Bergen 2008-2012).

Part-time work every year from 1971to 2017 as a ship’s doctor, medical consultant and lecturer on > 30 different ships for 12 cruise companies. Chair, Section for Cruise Ship and Maritime Medicine of American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2000-2002.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, International Maritime Health since 2009.