The dissemination of research is dependent of the value of the study. Research of low value should not be communicated. However, whether positive or negative, all results from sound research improve the level of knowledge and practice in maritime health and safety.

 The outcome of good research should be made available to the scientific community as well as to the maritime sector and its employees. The latter may be perceived as implicit but all too often researchers tend to hide in their institutes and the studied sector and its workers may miss important information that could improve their standard of working life, health and safety. This risk also applies to maritime health and safety.

 It is therefore a moral obligation for all researchers to communicate quality research results not only to the scientific community but also to the concerned workers. This is an imperative whether the results have involved the workers directly, e.g. by permitting physical examination, laboratory studies or interviews, or whether studies of the environment such as of noise emission or slip resistance of flooring or footwear have been undertaken.

 One should always consider the presentation of research results (verbal or poster presentation) in national and/or international fora (such as the International Symposia on Maritime Health every other year arranged by the International Maritime Health Association 36 as well as publication in a scientific journal (e.g. one of the journals listed previously) which is likely to provide the scientific target group with study results. A verbal (or poster) presentation is usually made before written publication. The advantage of this succession is that it permits, in advance of the written publication, critical comments from and discussions with colleagues sharing similar interests.

 The websites of a few national scientific societies of maritime health and safety and of the International Maritime Health Association are listed in Table 3.


Name of Scientific Society


Societé Francaise de Médicine Maritime

Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine

Dutch Society of Nautical Medicine

German Society of Maritime Medicine

Danish Society of Maritime Medicine


Spanish Society of Maritime Medicine


Philippine Maritime Medicine Society

International Maritime Health Association



Table 3. Examples of scientific societies dealing with maritime medicine

 The researcher should consider the best way(s) to reach the maritime workers and whether national or international dissemination of research results should be sought. The magazines of the maritime trades and unions are usually interested in popularized written material. Presentations by researchers and discussions at stakeholders meetings are also appreciated and are encouraged. This may also turn out to be an investment in the goodwill of the sector and its unions.

 Several reference books deals with the process of writing scientific papers 37, and presenting scientific work 38.